No Great, or Mighty OZ..

Hello, my name is Cynthia/(truly Charlemagne's daughter). What would you like to know? I grew up in Western NY(brrr cold trust me). I am a true Pisces, explorer of life, traveler, and soul adventurer. I am not satisfied with seeing something on tv. I have to touch it, feel it, see it, wrap my own brain around it. I tend to see the world creatively, and with curves instead of lines. It use to be a stressor as a kid, not anymore I see it is a gift.

  Figuring it out in Sedona......Always figuring it out.

Figuring it out in Sedona......Always figuring it out.

I have always had an interest in people and other beliefs. So, much so that I became a therapist. I think all people can get what they need, and get excited for others success. Like most in the helping field I am a healer, empathy(clairsentient) and a light worker. I have had my share of tough times, and have managed to keep evolving. I think it is so important to take care of your soul,whatever that looks like. Let's chat..

  Yes, I am just like you ....kinda

Yes, I am just like you....kinda

  Happiness looks like many things to many people....

Happiness looks like many things to many people....


Why has this been so hard to write? I simply love tarot cards. I have ever since I was twelve years old. I think that the art work on some of the decks is so great, and can be so enticing.  All the drawings, and hidden meanings, and possiblities.




I will admit I consult my cards a little too much. Some say it is insecurity, and it might be.  I might use them to hush that nagging what if voice we all get from time to time. 

I will be honest, I even argue with the cards. They have never let me down if I think about it. They always have the message or answer I needed, but sometimes  I do no want to hear it. I will say, no... that can't be. Wrong. Wrong Wrong.....



The only one who is ever wrong is me. I guess tarot cards to me are like Cassandra from Greek mythology.  Cassandra was a maiden who tricked Zeus, and was given the gift of seeing the future.  Except since Zeus is well Zeus, and he was mad, he also made it so no one would ever believe a word she said, and think she was crazy. 

I am not that bad, but I do need to have more faith. Ask once, and absorb the answer. Let it ride.

I have used many different decks in my days. There is one for everyone, vampires tarot, witches tarot, classic tarot, cat tarot, World Spirit decks... on and on...  I am currently using the a steampunk deck. It suits my sensibilities for sure, and  I love all the amazing images on them.  Whatever you fancy, or are drawn to they make a tarot deck for that.

  SO GLORIOUS AND GORGEOUS..... this deck makes my heart sing.

SO GLORIOUS AND GORGEOUS..... this deck makes my heart sing.

I keep them wrapped in a silk cloth in a drawer. I try to respect them, and give them good care. Some people like to use them both right side and reversed. .I prefer to use them all right side up, for a clear meaning.  I don't believe in BAD CARDS either.  All cards are good, some just have deeper layers we need to explore. I cleanse them with sage from time to time, and leave them on my urban alter for a good recharge.  We have bonded for sure.

When I get neurotic (who me?) I go seek another reader to read me, as I love to hear their interpretations, and let them mull over what is laid out.

When I am looking for a YES or NO I use one card.  I will clear my mind and think of one question. I will pull one card and mull it over.. Simple.   ONE CARD ONE ANSWER... DEAL WITH IT.

Sometimes I use a three card spread past, present, future on matters when I need to have a quick, but meaningful look at this journey.


When I really need some information I use the Celtic Cross spread.  I can also continue adding cards to get more specifics. 

  There are so many types of layouts for whatever you are asking.

There are so many types of layouts for whatever you are asking.

A good resource I have found is this lovely site. So, much good information on there.

They even offer a free online, computer generated tarot reading if you are so inclined. For me it is all about interpretation, but it can be fun to play

I hope this at least gets you started. Please feel free to email any questions. This is really a big topic, and it is loaded with nooks and crannies. Happy reading.

Ascension Symptoms?

So, I am an explorer I think we can gather that.  I am explorer of places, information, and enlightenment. 

Recently I saw video where the term ASCENSION SYMPTOMS were discussed. From what I gather when we are ascending spiritually we basically fall to crap, physically, mentally, emotionally.  It is alleged that it is a painful and uncomfortable metamorphosis.  The creator of the video also stated that when he began ascending, he developed rashes, and chronic pain. He said it went on for several years. As we wake up and begin the ascension we shed the false self. We .............cause ourselves suffering. He stated he had to move away from what he assumed was the right path, and open himself to his true self.

It has me thinking. I need to learn more about Ascension Symptoms. Below is what I have found on this topic.

The physical symptoms are there, but there is no medical reason for them, because the cause is not something physical…

In many cases there are physical symptoms which come up during the process of ascension.

Aches, pains, headaches, anxiety, sleeplessness, depression and despair. You might even feel like you have a prolonged "flu like" state. There is even some belief that immune disorders could be connected as well.  You will want to go home, but don't really know where that is, and you surely do not fit where you are.  Your relationships also change , people come in or leave your life.  Sometimes it can be so painful, and isolating when that happens. Sad as this may all seem, it is a necessary process, of letting go so we can move to a higher level of being.  I mean we are trying to upgrade our DNA..... of course it will not be easy.

You are ascending. In other words, you’re becoming lighter, increasing in vibration, and expanding consciously. A part of the process of ascension is releasing and transforming density in the physical body.



Spiritual Chills

Have you ever gotten goosebumps for no apparent reason? Well, I have. Over the years I have gotten chills for no real reason, or a reason I could not identify.

I had people tell me different things, a evolutionary throw back mechanism, to someone is walking over your grave in the future. I guess I never put much thought to it. 


Since, I only get  random chills on my right side of my body  it is perplexing. Heck, for all I know it could be a stroke.....( j/k I do not think I am stroking out, just yet. )

Recently, I have been working from home. Everyday, around 11:11AM I get a chill that runs up and down my right side.  From my head, down my right arm, to my leg. It is not scary, it is not alarming, it is just perplexing. Why is this happening?

Upon researching this phenomenon it appears I am having spiritual chills.  This could mean a whole host of things.  I am tucked away safely in my home, so it is not a bad vibe. There is no wind, no ac and I am generally alone. They are not unpleasant at all, just more an electricity or vibe . I am usually working, and focused, and then I pause. The chills do their things, and then I resume.


I mean who hasn't gone to a place that was heavy with pain or a place of sorrow, and felt chills. I know I have, but this is a little different.  I fully expect those chills when I am at a funeral, or a place where something terrible has happened. I had the worst chills of my life when I visited a concentration camp in Germany.  It was 90 degrees out, and I shivered through the whole place, so much my fingers and toes felt numb. Now, that was something I can never forget.

I get cold chills at holy places as well, churches, or temples. I attribute it to there being so many years, and so many layers of praise, sadness, and jubilation in one spot. The emotions in layers have left a mark. Music can do it as well. Really, powerful, heart felt music. The kind that speak to your soul.

The chills I feel at home now, are different. There is no heaviness, or  suffocating feeling attached to it.  They seem to be more of a HELLO, or HEY.... this is important. I will assume these chills are different, and positive in this instance.

 Could this be connected to a deeper spiritual awakening? (  HAVE TO SAY I HOPE SO, would be so welcome!!)


Some report those chills, are your guardian angels trying to give you a nod. Like if you were talking about a road trip, and feel those, it means GO THERE.  If they happen when people are talking it can also be a truth detector. Like what we are talking about or seeing is TRUE, and valid. LIke, a universal nod.  Some report that when you are thinking of a loved one, who has passed.  Perhaps, someone you lost, and they are gently letting you know, HEY... I AM HERE.. and I still love you. Is this a spirit trying me to get to pick up the line for them?


All these things, would work for me.  I have decided for the next several months to become mindful, and track the who, what , where, and how of the chills. I cannot recall any event, thought or action that might cause these.  Perhaps, my mind is so busy working, I have not paid it proper attention. I am hoping to learn my own personal truth about what they mean.  Will keep this open for now.

Cleansing a space with Palo Santo

I have to say I generally have always cleared my space or environment with Sage. Sage is wonderful, strong and smells so good to me.  You can almost sense the protective nature of it as it burns. 

Recently, I have begun to hear about Palo Santo sticks. Seems they have been used for sometime, but I somehow managed to miss the boat, go figure.

Palo Santo sticks or "Holy Sticks", was used by the Incas, holy people, and  indigenous people of the Andes.  Some people burn them alone or add them right to the sage bundle, as they do not burn quite as easily as sage. Some people use the oil in massage, and healing practices, but I prefer the actual wood sticks.


You can buy them most hip and evolved New Age stores, or even on Amazon. It is important though to get real Palo Santo wood, not just wood soaked in oil. Real wood is from a tree over 90 years of age, that has died and been curing on the ground for few years, before it was harvested.

It is reported that burning them can help with meditation, clear spirits, lift bad energy and purify your space. It is the sibling to sage and cedar it seems to be a silver bullet when you need grounding or feeling emotionally weakened.

Several reported uses: common colds, flu symptoms, stress, asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression, pain management and inflammation. I am always working on raising my vibrational frequency, and many believe this beaut can help. I am willing to give it a try.

The smell is great, like citrus and pine.  Like with most cleansing, you light the sticks, blow them out and let the smoke fill the area.  Always use a fire proof bowl, or Abalone shell( safety first)When doing individual spaces, walk in a counter clockwise manner, and make sure you have your intentions set. What do you want from this cleansing?  It can also be used to cleanse crystals, pendulums and other special objects. 


Finally,  when cleansing yourself, as we all get vibrational ick, by living and interacting with well with LIFE, start at your feet and move slowly up to the crown of your chakra(above your head.. wink). That ought to do it.

Here's to hoping for a raised vibration, good health and a cleansed space.




How to start? You will probably never, ever get to read this...

Dear Mr. Robbins... No.. Dear Tony Robbins... No... Dear TONE....

scratch that here goes nothing...


Hello.. as you can see we love all things awesome. We are open to new experiences, ways of thinking and growing.  We see you offer some pretty interesting seminars, that offer to change people's lives.  Wow.. sounds amazing....( actualization, I mean come on). I am sure you do change people's lives.  However, for the amount of money you are asking to provide such a change, well that leaves many of us out in the cold( no hot coal walking for us). Do I think you earn your money? Why yes. Do I think everything should be free? Heck no.  I am just saying some of us would love to see you, write about you, and learn from your wisdom, but not for 4,000.00. I mean  is there a price for wisdom, whole other conversation there? Anyways (that is like an ok used winter car money amount or trip to tropical paradise money, not to dwell, but OMG). I mean do I want to bask if self love, and sit in the sun? Do I deserve to go, for sure..It is probably better we can not afford you(4000.00).

I mean if you met us, clearly you would love us so much, and then it would just get weird.  I mean, really.. could get awkward.

Just checking in.... Take care.. and keep on keepin on.



P.S If you are Tony Robbin's dog walker, dry cleaner,  mail carrier, or his third cousin twice removed, you are lucky. If you see him let him know we got our eyes on him for sure.

Community Health Acupuncture?


Let me start by saying I love acupuncture. No, I do not love needles, but that sleepy, half aware feeling that you get when you have it done. For those of you have had it done, you know what I am talking about. For those of you who have not, you need to. Go get stuck, they are not pencil thick needles, they are hair fine ones. You do not feel it, and the benefits are great.

Short list of things acupuncture reportedly can help, the claims are really endless and recently they have found acupuncture to be super helpful for reducing side effects of chemotherapy.

  • muscle issues spasms and pain
  • chronic back problems and pain
  • headaches/ neck pain including treatment for migraines
  • infertility
  • osteoarthritis
  • knee pain
  • digestive problems
  • mood, depression


On this road to healing, I have learned many things. So many things can help, there is never a time to lose hope, you could not have tried EVERYTHNG, even though on the bad days it might feel like you have .  This is a huge POSITIVE, and can help keep us in a good mind set.

The one thing I have learned on the negative side about holistic healing is the cost.

For some reason it is not covered by medical (although some acupuncture is now being covered.. yay for progressive thinking). Often time processes can run into the hundreds closing in on a thousand dollars depending on what it is. 

I am not rich. I aspire to be rich, but right now I am still earning a living like everyone else. I had heard about this new thing in my community. It is called Community Health Acupuncture. Basically, it makes an expensive service affordable to all.  They let you set the rate of what you feel you can pay. WHAT?? There is no pressure, no hidden agenda, but a place that offers a true healing service for the right price/reason.  Amazing.

 Not the place I went, but it seems this is a NATIONAL PHENOMENON..... Places seem to be everywhere, why did I not know sooner?

Not the place I went, but it seems this is a NATIONAL PHENOMENON..... Places seem to be everywhere, why did I not know sooner?

They tell you to come in 15 minutes early to do the paperwork. After that is done, you are lead to a room full of recliners. Most have sleeping, acupunctured people in them. You get comfy, blanket and all. They advise you to wear loose clothing as they need to put needles in your legs and arms. I actually had a few in my ear this time.  It was a very pleasant experience, and  I scheduled to return next week for a follow up.

Below there is a link to the place I went. I am hoping this is the new wave of the future, where people can get quality care and reap its rewards. Rochester Community Acupuncture, you get a GOLD STAR from me....



Ear candling/coning

Happy Birthday to me.. Happy Birthday to me...  

I have survived another trip around the sun.  So, what does a life explorer choose to do on her birthday? I spend it eating cake, and then going to get my ears candled. 

What is ear candling you ask? Ear candling is the process where you lay very still and a flaming funnel  is essentially stuck into your ear.  You lay there for about 35 minutes, while the cone burns down.It is a bees wax covered cone, that burns towards your head, while stuck in your ear. The gentle vacuum effect of fire causes debris to be drawn up the candle toward the flame. It is some people's deepest belief that coning is part of resetting the body so it can heal itself. It has been done for centuries by  the Hopi Indians, and Egyptians.

Sounds like fun right? 



Why would I choose to have a flame so close to my head? Great question, let's talk about it.

As you have read if you had read any of the other posts, I am risk taker, a life adventurer.  I am open to new experiences and ways of managing my life/health. Although this is not the first time I have done candling, it is the first time I had someone do it for me. Yes, dear reader I have stuck a paper cone in my ear and lit it on fire, praying not to perish in a fiery accident. I would not recommend doing it alone ever, but I was young and weird. I had no one at the time willing to help. Now I am older and weird, and know where to look for my tribe of weirdies,  who are more than willing to assist me.

I get to the place, and the woman is very happy I have chosen to do this for my birthday. We get chatting and her is the low down. She is a homeopath, and studies natural healing. We go into great detail about possible benefits from candling, her kids, her studies, and places to visit. Probably, shouldn't chat the person up who is candling your ear, as we got so involved we let one burn too low, and I nearly got burned.. My fault..

Now, I know science and traditional medicine scoff at ear candling, but really don't they scoff at anything they cannot prescribe? I mean has any medical doctor ever really agreed with anything that is not textbook?  I figure I can make my own mind up.  Mind you I still would NEVER EAT A TIDE POD, no matter what.

  • Clears wax/gunk in the ear canal
  • Relieves pressure in the ears, stops tinnitus
  • Sharpens mental functions, vision, hearing, taste, color perception
  • Eases earache, headache  sinus pressure, allergies
  • Relaxer, as it has a pleaseant scent
  • Acts as a catalyst to clear nerve endings and promote healing

At the end of the session they can show you what is in the bottom of the cone.  Not for the weak of heart. All grossness that had reportedly been in your ear.


Ear candling is not a cure-all.  Like I have always said if you are sick, see a doctor.  Get lots of information and opinions. This is another thing I try to move towards a more natural self healing.

Simple Guidelines

Do not over use it.  Just like anything, too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing.

  • Ear candling is not recommended for 1) People who have a hole in their eardrum. 2) If you’ve had tubes in your eardrums 3) If you have difficulty breathing where small amounts of smoke is a threat. 
  • Session should be spaced 7-10 days apart.

P.S.  If you do consider trying this, read up on it, and make sure you find someone you can trust to help you.  I sadly did a search and found ear cones at  W@lmart, which brings up all sorts of imagery... Use your head (literally, and figuratively) when trying something, and lastly have fun while you explore.


Ever had something that keeps popping up?

A month ago I saw some youtube video on the meaning of 11:11. I had never considered that particular sequence so much until recently. I was sitting at my desk at work recently and this lovely young co worker yells out it is  11:11AM. I do not say much, and for the next week she continues to repeat this behavior. She then innocently walks over and says, "What do you think it means?, Every time  I look at the clock it is 11:11. ". 

I believe in synchronicity and it is hard for me to imagine stumbling upon the amazing 11:11 on the youtubes, and her randomly shouting this fact out is all just a crazy coincidence. I believe the Universe speaks to us. Sometimes we choose not to listen, but it is always communicating.  So, with this in mind I will post what 11:11 means, and what it might mean about the path you or the person seeing this number sequence over and over again might be on.


There are a lot of theories so let me sum them up for you.

Your angels or guides are trying to communicate with you. The number 11 is a “master number” which signifies intuition, insight, and enlightenment. When paired together, 11 11 is a clear message from the universe to become conscious and aware of yourself and what is happening around you. PAY ATTENTION

To me it is an Ascension symptom. We are trying to vibrate at higher frequencies, get the next level, and this is one of the road signs that say you are headed in the right direction.  Although  Ascension can take many years, the Universe is encouraging us by cheering us on.

Sometimes during Ascension you might wonder.  Is your life falling apart or falling into place?  All these bad things are happening to me or at least it feels that way. Why am I always sick or exhausted? I feel so light headed. Why does everything hurt for no real known reason?

 Are they really bad or is change painful no matter what, because it is change?  This 11:11 shows up to remind you that the road might be long, but you are  ON THE ROAD  for sure. A new way of being is happening and once it starts there is no stopping it.

NO ONE EVER SAID ASCENDING WASN'T PAINFUL.....and it is messy, but worth it. So hang in there. and remember to ride the ride.  Rather like a caterpillar working hard to cocoon, enduring a waiting period that may never end, just to emerge more beautiful, lighter and stronger than ever imagined.

El Dorado Hot Springs

Along this path of healing and soul expansion I check out every possibility.  One of the things that I love so much is soaking in natural mineral springs. Let's think about this. The earth produces natural, hot, clean water, that has  wonderful natural deposits in it.  Count me in, if anything can heal, that sure sounds like it would work.

   Seriously part of the rustic charm that leads to a wonderful experience.

Seriously part of the rustic charm that leads to a wonderful experience.

On my journey from LA to Sedona, I had found an interesting place on the web called the Eldorado Hot Springs in Tonoapah Arizona.  Tonopah is a Native American word for little fire under a bush.

When I made my traveling companion pull into Tonopah, he was a bit skeptical. We had been driving across the Mojave desert and most places of the highway are little truck stop places, where you can get a good meal, and maybe some convenience store goodies(windshield wiper fluid, air fresheners, gum, 12 kinds of beef jerky, claw machine prizes, and pickles... always the pickles).

This little town at the exit seemed like the others. I, however held out hope. Luckily I did, as really just around the corner from a gas station and a run down burger place, is an OASIS in the desert. 

  Where we get the towels and pay the man.  I really love fun quirky places. This one is a true GEM. They offer camping and you can rent a small room/cabin if you are interested. Seems like it might be a fun get away weekend.

Where we get the towels and pay the man.  I really love fun quirky places. This one is a true GEM. They offer camping and you can rent a small room/cabin if you are interested. Seems like it might be a fun get away weekend.

  PURE BLISS .....




When we arrived, (which is literally a minute off US route 10).  I was taken back by the cute decorations, which consisted of old cars, vintage signs,memorabilia, and a bit of this and that.  We wandered through the gate and went to the office. The owner and massage therapist were there.  They were so friendly, and provided a tour of the place. 

Apparently the spring has no scent, and is pure mineral water. It comes from spring that has been there for ever. It is 107 degrees, with a Ph of 8.2. There are camping spots, as well as public and private soaking. Some spots are small, some hold a group. Of course are clothing optional, best to check when you go, so there is no mistake.

  YES... this is out in the MOJAVE DESERT.... I know right?    

YES... this is out in the MOJAVE DESERT.... I know right?


When I saw the duck pond area I knew I found heaven. It literally looks like a tropical paradise in the middle of a desert. The lush trees, flowers and decorations make it seem  like you are on a tropical beach somewhere. The owner charged me 15 for an hour soak. Amazing, I could not believe my luck.

There is a large place to soak, and behind it they put an old fashioned tub that has cold water in it. You can move between the spring and the tub to get a more interesting soak(hot, cold, hot, get it). When I slipped into the spring every muscle in body just turned to mush. I kept yawning and realized that I was at once completely relaxed. The water is PURE SILK. Every joint and muscle in my body said THANK YOU. 

After I soaked, there was an outside shower to rinse off. Towels are provided as well.  I wish I could have spent more of my day there, but felt completely happy after my soak there. 

  They love their critters... There were chickens and peacocks(pea fowl?) all around.  I think it adds charm to the place.

They love their critters... There were chickens and peacocks(pea fowl?) all around.  I think it adds charm to the place.

I really did not want to leave.  I actually plan to revisit this place, and maybe even camp for a night or two.  I would strongly recommend checking this out if you get the chance. be good to yourself and take my word or read about it yourself at

The Cup of Life - Copper Cups?

Let me begin with saying, when you have chronic pain and modern medicine fails you. You have two choices, lay in bed and self pity away, or open your mind to things a little less conventional that may actually work.

I chose the latter, since I can not sit still for five minutes let alone a whole lifetime. IfI learn about something that can possibly make me feel better I take the chance.

Copper.. Yes copper.

I had always heard throughout my youth that wearing a copper bracelet would help with arthritis pain. Since I was young I never knew what that meant. Now that I am wee bit older I have a large understanding of arthritis.

For those of you without it, imagine a sunburn on the inside, or a throbbing toothache in your joints. Rather unpleasant.

I have been researching recently and have found there are some amazing claims about copper cups. 

The latest health claim says that drinking water from a copper cup boosts health by reducing inflammation( KISS MY FOOT..ARTHRITIS), bolstering brain functioning, aiding in weight loss, balancing the thyroid, improves skin and hair, wonderful for the spleen, slows aging, fights cancer, and acts like an anti- microbial.

Heck the ANCIENT EGYPTIANS wore it and drank from copper vessels.

Now too much copper like anything... is a BAD thing...  Say no too much of anything.  A little copper goes a long way it seems.

So, I have ordered one large copper water bottle, which I intend to keep by my bedside. Apparently for maximum benefits you are to let the water sit for at least 8 hours for the benefits of the copper to "charge" the water.

I will be practicing the ancient Vedic practice of drinking out of a copper cup or vessel. In India, transformed water from a copper cup is called Tamra jal.  Water charged with copper is a natural antioxidant that helps balance the three doshas of our body (kapha, vata and pitta). If it helps at all with arthritis I will be elated. The other possibilities would be an extra bonus.

I am hoping for some good results. I will be sure to post any noticeable results.


Pendulums are some of the most simple, yet gratifying ways to divine the future.  If you don't know what a pendulum is, it is usually a pointed stone, crystal , metal or gem attached to a chain.  It is weighted so it can swing very freely.  It can be a lot of things

It is also known as an amplifier, that can connect you to your collective unconscious orHigher Self. Often used for spiritual healing,  simple divination, and inner growth.

For every person there is a pendulum. Pendulums are unique and pretty personal.  They say the best way to choose one is to try each one in your hand and see which one feels right.

You can try each one out by asking a yes or no question, and see which one moves the best. Seriously, there is a noticeable difference, and some just flow betters than others.

After the pendulum chooses you. You can begin

  1. Cleanse Your Pendulum:
    You may cleanse it by holding it under running cold tap water, soaking it in sea salt,  or setting a clear intention.
  2. Decide Meaning:  Ask the pedulum to show you YES.  Then ask the pendulum to show you NO. This will set your answers.

Since our pendulums can not speak, we can only ask YES or NO questions. So, remember this is simple.

Set your intention and focus on your question.

If asking multiple questions, make sure the pendulum has completely stopped, before moving to the next question.




  Seriously, there are so many choices, and options.

Seriously, there are so many choices, and options.

Witch City USA... SALEM


Salem Massachusetts, a place where history and present day collide. 

  Nothing says Salem, like a statue of Bewitched Star, Samantha. Welcome to the Witch City.

Nothing says Salem, like a statue of Bewitched Star, Samantha. Welcome to the Witch City.

My mother and her family settled in New England about an hour away from Salem. I was lucky enough to spend some of my childhood on the Coast, and got to experience some of the flavor that comes with the area.

Salem, is as you know a place where the famous Witch Trials have occurred. Back in the 1600s some girls made an allegation, that spurned on the largest witch hunt on record.  Two hundred people were accused, and twenty executions were held. The area was amiss with witchcraft hysteria. 

  Famous Salem cemetery. Weird sunlight shot I got while sitting on the wall near the graves of those who were put to death.

Famous Salem cemetery. Weird sunlight shot I got while sitting on the wall near the graves of those who were put to death.

When you walk around there are constant reminders of what happened there. The only thing that was off putting to me, was how on the left you have to cemetery where the accused where buried. It looks like what you might expect, old, spooky, with gnarly trees.  Across the street is a Dunkin Donuts and a Barbecue place. Almost seems like two worlds mashed together.  In fact there are examples of this all over.  The House of Seven Gables,  sits next to a quick mart.  Many of the historical houses sit right next to a modern build, say a Starbucks. While I do not mind this, it is really not the vision I had, of creepy, old , mysterious Salem of my imagination

   Street Performers Abound

Street Performers Abound

That being said, the place has still become a mecca for the occult. Even having people openly identifiable as "witches".  There are lots of little quirky shops and places to buy every kind of occult goody you could want. From candles, to cauldrons. From potions to hexes it runs the gambit. You can eve stop and get a reading tarot, aura or otherwise from one of the many readers who work there.

The best time to go is definitely October.  As you can imagine the whole places goes crazy at Halloween. The whole town lights up into a daily festival. You can see a live show about the witch trials, or get some fry cakes.  People on the street with stands selling all sorts of things. It has a real carnival feel, which gets crowded, but the energy is good. Follow the painted red line on the street to walk the Heritage trail.

   Main drag where all the action tends to happen. Lots of little stores tucked away in this section.

Main drag where all the action tends to happen. Lots of little stores tucked away in this section.

The whole place is buzzing, and if you are inclined you can attend the Morning Tea with the Witches, or the Vampires Ball which happens near Halloween. There is plenty to do and last time I was there, a convention for Harry Potter happened to be in town and running around. Nothing like seeing Snape, drink a pumpkin lager, or twenty kids with lightning bolts on their heads running down the street.

   The Friendship which sits in the waterfront at Salem. Worth a tour....

The Friendship which sits in the waterfront at Salem. Worth a tour....


 Twisted Juniper by the Vortex's.  All the trees near a vortex tend to twist unnaturally

Twisted Juniper by the Vortex's.  All the trees near a vortex tend to twist unnaturally

  Chapel of the Holy Cross. Pretty spectacular. It is a replica of the top of the Empire State Building in New York

Chapel of the Holy Cross. Pretty spectacular. It is a replica of the top of the Empire State Building in New York

   An oasis in the middle of the desert. Oak Creek runs right in the middle of the red rocks, creating a lush green spot " Verde Valley". It is great for fishing, kayaking,  or sliding at Slide Rock Park  .

An oasis in the middle of the desert. Oak Creek runs right in the middle of the red rocks, creating a lush green spot " Verde Valley". It is great for fishing, kayaking,  or sliding at Slide Rock Park.

Sedona Arizona. What can I say. The mecca of all that is light and healing. Once a year I trek there to drink the mountain spring, meditate on a vortex, and people watch the "airy fairies".

   Bell Rock, lovely hike. I passed several people meditating and doing yoga on different levels up. Bring good shoes and water.

Bell Rock, lovely hike. I passed several people meditating and doing yoga on different levels up. Bring good shoes and water.

When you arrive you are immediately taken in by the beauty of the place. It seems almost unreal. The red rocks jutting out of the ground, and the green lush valley that seems implausible in a desert.  Take a deep breath, smell the sweetness of the air. Yes, this is real, yes you are here.

Sedona is a little town with a big spirit.  This town is a New Age paradise.  For one, there are several reported natural energy vortexes, you can hike to .  People report feeling different things when in proximity. Reported to have healing powers, people flock to experience it themselves.  Some people feel light headed, some feel happy, some feel nothing. I once heard that they generally help personify who you really are. I tend to agree with that.

If vortices are not enough, go to one of the many places and get a special service, unique to this area. You can get your chakra aligned as easily as you can get a haircut. You can have a photo of your aura, take a helicopter ride, get your tarot read, visit ancient ruins and even go on a night trip in search of aliens, equipped with night vision goggles. The choices are endless, as the vast beauty around you.

Soak up the vibe,  get a past life reading, or take a quick trip to the local ghost town Jerome for some shopping.  Whatever you are looking for, I am pretty sure this little town offers it all. I hope to see you there.

Montezuma Castle. five-story cliff dwelling built by the Sinagua Indians around the 14th century.

Electric People

ITS ELECTRIC........ picturing the dance done at most weddings.

Not Quite.

However, there are people in this world that have a electrical field to them. Now there is always that old tv show where some poor brace ridden teen picks up radio signals on their teeth, but this is different. This is real.

When I was in my teen years, I noticed myself and electronics never lasted long. I blew through countless car stereos, walkmans, calculators and all my watches burn batteries within weeks of replacement. I was always statically charged and zapping myself and others.

As I got older the watch thing continues,  I burned through laptops(always a battery issue),  countless cellphones, and four microwave oven replacements in a four year span. The list goes on. If you want an item executed, just let me have it for a month.

 I swear I must be cursed. Electronics HATE me...

Maybe I am crazy.  That might be true. It just seemed weird to me.  I began to research and found there is a phenomenon called Electric People .......AKA Sliders(SLI).

Sliders are people who vibrate at a high or lower electrical level than others. We are all energy, the whole world is. Our bodies vibrate at a frequency of approximately 8 cycles per second, just as the earth does. 

Some people vibrate higher or lower which causes this energy anomaly.

Essentially Sliders send of electrical sparks that interfere with their environment. This can cause light bulbs to burn out, street lights to go dim, and basically electric mayhem.

Watch for a crackling tv, or a static radio, all are quite common. This usually happens when there is a powerful emotion, happy, sad, angry. These emotions supercharge a Slider and then chaos occurs. I mean thinking back to my teen years, I was always emotional, I mean what teen wasn't?

What causes this?  Why do some vibrate at higher or lower levels than others?

So many theories, no real explanations. Many who have had near death experiences report having slider phenomena. Other sliders have been struck by lightning or suffered a major electrical shock . Some claim past life connections. There really is no answer. The truth though is , it does exist, you are not alone, and it happens to a lot of people.

The Hypnic Jerk

No, not the HYPNOTIC JERK, I am sure we all have met one or thirty of those.

So, when I fall asleep I eventually hit a state where, my body seems to have a bolt of electricity running through it. It startles me awake, and then the process starts over again. My whole body seems to "jolt". I did a float tank sensory deprivation session, this happened to me every ten minutes or so until I made myself fully wake. What the heck is that? Is this normal?

  I decided to read up on this as I have heard many things.

The first bit of information is what the scientific community alleges.  Apparently this is the moment between light sleep and deep REM sleep. You are about to enter a deep slumber land, and sometimes your brain mistakes this "falling to sleep" into actual falling. Your brain is confused and you jolt awake, as if you are actually falling. So weird.

 I think this is Johnny Depp, no he did not tell me I can use this. If you read this Johnny, I am sorry so forgive me... :)

I think this is Johnny Depp, no he did not tell me I can use this. If you read this Johnny, I am sorry so forgive me... :)


Other more interesting explanations include astral projection. Your soul is trying to leave your body to go visit. Some have claimed that the particular feeling is your conscious grabbing onto your soul, as it tries to slip away and astral project somewhere.  Some call it is the silver cord that keeps us connected and we always find our way home. Sometimes the jolt happens when you returning from a projection. In with a thud as you might say. 

Where people go when they astral project if left up to interpretation. Some say we fly around, change time, or move through dimensions.  Whatever the cause it is an interesting phenomenon and worth studying more, look for future blogs more in depth about all of astral projection, not just hypnic jerk.