Jerome, Arizona

I made my anual journey to Sedona for Halloween. Why Sedona for Halloween?  We love Sedona, but we actually spend Halloween elsewhere. There is a little ghost town called Jerome about 20 miles away, and that is the place to be. Drive up that windy mountain rode and make yourself at home.


Jerome was a Copper mining town, that was a bustling mecca at one time. Just like most things, that boom ended. The copper dried up and so did the people. The town now sits with about 180 or so people in it.  It is built into the side of a mountain and the houses seem to lean over the edge, almost a little dangerously.


Something that is really special, is that they have a HUGE Halloween Party.  The fire chief was so excited to give me a tour of the Hall they change into the venue for Halloween.  He was very proud of his streamers and punch bowl.  He was amazed that we were from New York, and we were actually looking at his party online. I said yes, they whole world is watching from the internet now. I fell in love with the place, and we have been returning for the last five years. It is a bonus on top of the awesomeness of Sedona.

The place has simply gone wild in October. There are bikers and bands all over the place. People of all shapes and sizes shopping, eating, and socializing.  I believe this is the busiest time of year.  There is the Grand Hotel which sits perched on the highest point in town. It is reportedly haunted as are several other locations in town. 

If at the hotel give the restaurant a shot. We have eaten at the Asylum restaurant in the hotel.  The food is traditional American style, and the place is decked out for Halloween. We have not been able to stay the hotel as of yet as they book for Halloween a year out. If you go to the hotel they will provide you with ghost hunting tools to wander around and see if you find anything. I believe several shows including " Ghost Hunters" have investigated there.


After you eat wander around, and get into the spirit. There are crafts and goodies of all shapes and sizes.   There are thrift stores, art stores, jewelry shows, and a hodge podge of vintage finds.

There is even a young woman who has converted a little building used for coal storage into her own little bake stand. She makes the most amazing everything cookies I have ever had (might have to order those for Christmas). I go see her every year and let her know I always have to have some of the baked goods she makes.

So, if you get a chance this little town has a lot to offer. Take in the sites, the old time feel and the amazing views. I guess it just caught me, and now I feel like I always want to go back.  If you go at Halloween I will definitely see you there.