Chakra aligning even with sunglasses?

Hello there. I am sure you have all heard about this thing called a chakra. You haven't? Well let me catch you up. There are reportedly seven spiritual centers on the human body. They start from the top of your head{Crown chakra) and go to your tail bone or (Root chakra). The ones that create a line from the crown to the root are called, Crown, Throat, Heart, Navel, Sacral. I think you get the picture. Each of these chakras is associated with a color. Each chakra is responsible for balancing a certain part of the body and soul.  When they are in balance we are happy, healthy , and in alignment with who our spirit truly is.  When they are out of balance, we get sick, or feel stress, and things generally do not go well.



Needless to say that keeping your chakra in alignment is a pretty good idea.  Now how does one do this.  Some seek out professional people, who can align them with crystals that are placed on each chakra. Different crystals or stones for each spot. Some people use a pendulum to tell what chakra needs to open more, smaller the circle, smaller the energy flow.  There are also things you can do to help get your chakras in alignment.  Sometimes when we have too much of one chakra we need to counterbalance it by doing activities to increase the ones that are not aligned or as strong. How do we balance our own chakras?

1. Start at the base of your spine, and imagine a red glow there forjust a few seconds.

2. Then move to the navel area and imagine an orange glow, pausing for two seconds. 

3. Move to the stomach area and imagine a gold glow as you have the first two areas.

4. Then the heart area in the center of your chest and imagine a green glow there. Hold it for a few seconds.

5. Next the collar-bones (where your neck meets your torso) and imagine a turquoise glow there for two seconds.

6. Then the third eye area (on your forehead just above and in between your eyes) and imagine a purple glow there for two seconds.

7. Finally, the crown of your head (the light here is ultra-violet), but for our human eyes it looks white. Imagine a column of white bright light there flowing back and forth from you to the Universe

Finally, I must talk about these sunglasses that I can not escape.  Ever since I have begun exploring chakra alignment, these sunglasses have been plaguing me. There are sunglasses out there that claim if you wear them, it will align that part of your chakra. They come in the colors associated with each chakra. True or not true? I have no idea, but let's just say I own the pair that reduces stress and brings peace. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. To check them out yourself, here you go.