The Clairs............

The clairs... No not eclairs....

What are the clairs? Rather who are the clairs and why do we need to know this. The clairs refers to the other senses we all have besides hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling. If you think about it, it is rather silly to believe we only have five senses. How can we be boxed so easily? There is a great deal of belief that there are other senses. The clairs is a class of other senses. Popular belief is there is only four of them. Screw being popular, we want information.  Let's embrace all of them.

 It breaks down like this.

Clairvoyance means clear seeing. The most culturally referenced clair, this one is the one tv shows like to hype up. They show a spooky, cloudy vision, of some poor kid in a well. The seer is tormented of course. Not usually, what happens.  Clairvoyants have  visions of past, present and future flash through our mind's eye. They do not get to pick a particular topic, and sometimes weird snippets flash, numbers, colors and often without clear meaning.
Clairaudience means clear hearing. These lucky ducks, get to hear things. Which can be good or rather unsettling. There is nothing worse to me at least than hearing a weird noise, and then not knowing where it came from. These clairs hear noises, words, and some have whole conversations with spirits. I am sure it takes some getting use to, but these clairs can be very valuable in assisting a transitioning a stuck spirit.

Clairsentience means clear feeling.  These clairs, actually feel what others feel, or pick up emotions in a room.  They are also known as " empaths". They know what people are feeling, even if they do not express it. They might even feel things you are not able to admit. These clairs have a difficult time in crowds, and tend to seek solitude on their down time. They really do get worn down by much emotion.

Clairalience means clear smelling.  These clairs have the ability to smell things that others don't. Like that lilac perfume Aunt Agnes wore, or those cigars Grandpa smoked. When in communication with spirit they pick up certain distinct smells that are connected to that person.
Clairgustance means clear tasting.  A clair that communes with spirit and gets a particular taste. These clairs, might taste something the spirit enjoyed in their life, or they might taste something that was associated with their passing.
Claircognizance means clear knowing. Ever have that feeling, deep in your stomach. You are certain of something, even though no one has said or done anything to prove your belief. This sense is often overlooked and ignored. Some say this one is just nerves, or paranoia.  There have been recent studies to show this actually exists, and was used in prehistoric times to promote survival.  Whenever in doubt trust your gut, it feels that way for a reason. Back in they day it was linked to actual survival. 
So as you can see there are many senses that get down played. Each person has one or more of these gifts. Understanding and developing this gifts is key to acceptance and self discovery.  There are many books and classes in most areas, if you are interested in more self discovery, and clair development. Drop us a line if you need help.