New Years, New changes

With so many people making all these resolutions it almost seems that none of them are kept. Most people want to be thinner, prettier, and focus on gym memberships. Some want relationship help. Always on the path to improvement. I of course fall into the latter category, but in an offbeat way.

My resolution, is my relationship with myself. I probably should hit the gym more and watch what I eat, and how much water I drink, but I probably won't. I know this, and will not shame myself for failing to meet an expectation I did not really set for myself.

My one goal for the year is to release FEAR.

Fear is a trap. It tells us we can't. It lies and fills your head with the "what ifs", and negative outcomes. It can immobilize you. It tells you not to try. It tells you, you are in danger.

Now, do I think fear has place? Yes,  when we are chased by  lion or a rabid ax murderer.  That is a natural fight or flight feelings. We had that instilled to protect us from sure death.  That is not the fear I talk about. I am talking about the fear we keep in our daily lives. The one that promises sure demise, when there is no real threat to us.

It is not an easy goal I have set, but one I want. I am hoping to come to place, where I accept and continue on. I don't want to sit and wonder if it will be ok, I am going to get to a place where I know it will always be ok.

How do I plan to do this?(as if I really know for sure)

1.Self talk-  hello self, let's have a chat. Are we going over the edge?  What is good about right now, do we need to act or can we just acknowledge?

2.Meditation- getting to that quiet place, where we find that center.

3. Reality checks that no matter what happens I have essentially always ended ok. Is this something I can not survive? Am I catastrophizing, if not how to do I move forward?

4.  Challenging what makes me feel fear, and taking it on instead of wondering what will happen.

5. Finding my center and although people say I am unflappable, the inside and outside sometimes do not match. I will find the calm in my soul and be a present observer of events.

6. Things do not happen to me. They happen around me. They only happen to me if I accept and take on those feelings. I am never a victim.

7. Identify my feelings,  connect why I feel fear and understand it. NAME IT

Lofty goal for sure, but it is what I want.