Ascension Symptoms?

So, I am an explorer I think we can gather that.  I am explorer of places, information, and enlightenment. 

Recently I saw video where the term ASCENSION SYMPTOMS were discussed. From what I gather when we are ascending spiritually we basically fall to crap, physically, mentally, emotionally.  It is alleged that it is a painful and uncomfortable metamorphosis.  The creator of the video also stated that when he began ascending, he developed rashes, and chronic pain. He said it went on for several years. As we wake up and begin the ascension we shed the false self. We .............cause ourselves suffering. He stated he had to move away from what he assumed was the right path, and open himself to his true self.

It has me thinking. I need to learn more about Ascension Symptoms. Below is what I have found on this topic.

The physical symptoms are there, but there is no medical reason for them, because the cause is not something physical…

In many cases there are physical symptoms which come up during the process of ascension.

Aches, pains, headaches, anxiety, sleeplessness, depression and despair. You might even feel like you have a prolonged "flu like" state. There is even some belief that immune disorders could be connected as well.  You will want to go home, but don't really know where that is, and you surely do not fit where you are.  Your relationships also change , people come in or leave your life.  Sometimes it can be so painful, and isolating when that happens. Sad as this may all seem, it is a necessary process, of letting go so we can move to a higher level of being.  I mean we are trying to upgrade our DNA..... of course it will not be easy.

You are ascending. In other words, you’re becoming lighter, increasing in vibration, and expanding consciously. A part of the process of ascension is releasing and transforming density in the physical body.