Electric People

ITS ELECTRIC........ picturing the dance done at most weddings.

Not Quite.

However, there are people in this world that have a electrical field to them. Now there is always that old tv show where some poor brace ridden teen picks up radio signals on their teeth, but this is different. This is real.

When I was in my teen years, I noticed myself and electronics never lasted long. I blew through countless car stereos, walkmans, calculators and all my watches burn batteries within weeks of replacement. I was always statically charged and zapping myself and others.

As I got older the watch thing continues,  I burned through laptops(always a battery issue),  countless cellphones, and four microwave oven replacements in a four year span. The list goes on. If you want an item executed, just let me have it for a month.

 I swear I must be cursed. Electronics HATE me...

Maybe I am crazy.  That might be true. It just seemed weird to me.  I began to research and found there is a phenomenon called Electric People .......AKA Sliders(SLI).

Sliders are people who vibrate at a high or lower electrical level than others. We are all energy, the whole world is. Our bodies vibrate at a frequency of approximately 8 cycles per second, just as the earth does. 

Some people vibrate higher or lower which causes this energy anomaly.

Essentially Sliders send of electrical sparks that interfere with their environment. This can cause light bulbs to burn out, street lights to go dim, and basically electric mayhem.

Watch for a crackling tv, or a static radio, all are quite common. This usually happens when there is a powerful emotion, happy, sad, angry. These emotions supercharge a Slider and then chaos occurs. I mean thinking back to my teen years, I was always emotional, I mean what teen wasn't?

What causes this?  Why do some vibrate at higher or lower levels than others?

So many theories, no real explanations. Many who have had near death experiences report having slider phenomena. Other sliders have been struck by lightning or suffered a major electrical shock . Some claim past life connections. There really is no answer. The truth though is , it does exist, you are not alone, and it happens to a lot of people.