Pendulums are some of the most simple, yet gratifying ways to divine the future.  If you don't know what a pendulum is, it is usually a pointed stone, crystal , metal or gem attached to a chain.  It is weighted so it can swing very freely.  It can be a lot of things

It is also known as an amplifier, that can connect you to your collective unconscious orHigher Self. Often used for spiritual healing,  simple divination, and inner growth.

For every person there is a pendulum. Pendulums are unique and pretty personal.  They say the best way to choose one is to try each one in your hand and see which one feels right.

You can try each one out by asking a yes or no question, and see which one moves the best. Seriously, there is a noticeable difference, and some just flow betters than others.

After the pendulum chooses you. You can begin

  1. Cleanse Your Pendulum:
    You may cleanse it by holding it under running cold tap water, soaking it in sea salt,  or setting a clear intention.
  2. Decide Meaning:  Ask the pedulum to show you YES.  Then ask the pendulum to show you NO. This will set your answers.

Since our pendulums can not speak, we can only ask YES or NO questions. So, remember this is simple.

Set your intention and focus on your question.

If asking multiple questions, make sure the pendulum has completely stopped, before moving to the next question.




Seriously, there are so many choices, and options.

Seriously, there are so many choices, and options.