The Cup of Life - Copper Cups?

Let me begin with saying, when you have chronic pain and modern medicine fails you. You have two choices, lay in bed and self pity away, or open your mind to things a little less conventional that may actually work.

I chose the latter, since I can not sit still for five minutes let alone a whole lifetime. IfI learn about something that can possibly make me feel better I take the chance.

Copper.. Yes copper.

I had always heard throughout my youth that wearing a copper bracelet would help with arthritis pain. Since I was young I never knew what that meant. Now that I am wee bit older I have a large understanding of arthritis.

For those of you without it, imagine a sunburn on the inside, or a throbbing toothache in your joints. Rather unpleasant.

I have been researching recently and have found there are some amazing claims about copper cups. 

The latest health claim says that drinking water from a copper cup boosts health by reducing inflammation( KISS MY FOOT..ARTHRITIS), bolstering brain functioning, aiding in weight loss, balancing the thyroid, improves skin and hair, wonderful for the spleen, slows aging, fights cancer, and acts like an anti- microbial.

Heck the ANCIENT EGYPTIANS wore it and drank from copper vessels.

Now too much copper like anything... is a BAD thing...  Say no too much of anything.  A little copper goes a long way it seems.

So, I have ordered one large copper water bottle, which I intend to keep by my bedside. Apparently for maximum benefits you are to let the water sit for at least 8 hours for the benefits of the copper to "charge" the water.

I will be practicing the ancient Vedic practice of drinking out of a copper cup or vessel. In India, transformed water from a copper cup is called Tamra jal.  Water charged with copper is a natural antioxidant that helps balance the three doshas of our body (kapha, vata and pitta). If it helps at all with arthritis I will be elated. The other possibilities would be an extra bonus.

I am hoping for some good results. I will be sure to post any noticeable results.