Ever had something that keeps popping up?

A month ago I saw some youtube video on the meaning of 11:11. I had never considered that particular sequence so much until recently. I was sitting at my desk at work recently and this lovely young co worker yells out it is  11:11AM. I do not say much, and for the next week she continues to repeat this behavior. She then innocently walks over and says, "What do you think it means?, Every time  I look at the clock it is 11:11. ". 

I believe in synchronicity and it is hard for me to imagine stumbling upon the amazing 11:11 on the youtubes, and her randomly shouting this fact out is all just a crazy coincidence. I believe the Universe speaks to us. Sometimes we choose not to listen, but it is always communicating.  So, with this in mind I will post what 11:11 means, and what it might mean about the path you or the person seeing this number sequence over and over again might be on.


There are a lot of theories so let me sum them up for you.

Your angels or guides are trying to communicate with you. The number 11 is a “master number” which signifies intuition, insight, and enlightenment. When paired together, 11 11 is a clear message from the universe to become conscious and aware of yourself and what is happening around you. PAY ATTENTION

To me it is an Ascension symptom. We are trying to vibrate at higher frequencies, get the next level, and this is one of the road signs that say you are headed in the right direction.  Although  Ascension can take many years, the Universe is encouraging us by cheering us on.

Sometimes during Ascension you might wonder.  Is your life falling apart or falling into place?  All these bad things are happening to me or at least it feels that way. Why am I always sick or exhausted? I feel so light headed. Why does everything hurt for no real known reason?

 Are they really bad or is change painful no matter what, because it is change?  This 11:11 shows up to remind you that the road might be long, but you are  ON THE ROAD  for sure. A new way of being is happening and once it starts there is no stopping it.

NO ONE EVER SAID ASCENDING WASN'T PAINFUL.....and it is messy, but worth it. So hang in there. and remember to ride the ride.  Rather like a caterpillar working hard to cocoon, enduring a waiting period that may never end, just to emerge more beautiful, lighter and stronger than ever imagined.