Spiritual Chills

Have you ever gotten goosebumps for no apparent reason? Well, I have. Over the years I have gotten chills for no real reason, or a reason I could not identify.

I had people tell me different things, a evolutionary throw back mechanism, to someone is walking over your grave in the future. I guess I never put much thought to it. 


Since, I only get  random chills on my right side of my body  it is perplexing. Heck, for all I know it could be a stroke.....( j/k I do not think I am stroking out, just yet. )

Recently, I have been working from home. Everyday, around 11:11AM I get a chill that runs up and down my right side.  From my head, down my right arm, to my leg. It is not scary, it is not alarming, it is just perplexing. Why is this happening?

Upon researching this phenomenon it appears I am having spiritual chills.  This could mean a whole host of things.  I am tucked away safely in my home, so it is not a bad vibe. There is no wind, no ac and I am generally alone. They are not unpleasant at all, just more an electricity or vibe . I am usually working, and focused, and then I pause. The chills do their things, and then I resume.


I mean who hasn't gone to a place that was heavy with pain or a place of sorrow, and felt chills. I know I have, but this is a little different.  I fully expect those chills when I am at a funeral, or a place where something terrible has happened. I had the worst chills of my life when I visited a concentration camp in Germany.  It was 90 degrees out, and I shivered through the whole place, so much my fingers and toes felt numb. Now, that was something I can never forget.

I get cold chills at holy places as well, churches, or temples. I attribute it to there being so many years, and so many layers of praise, sadness, and jubilation in one spot. The emotions in layers have left a mark. Music can do it as well. Really, powerful, heart felt music. The kind that speak to your soul.

The chills I feel at home now, are different. There is no heaviness, or  suffocating feeling attached to it.  They seem to be more of a HELLO, or HEY.... this is important. I will assume these chills are different, and positive in this instance.

 Could this be connected to a deeper spiritual awakening? (  HAVE TO SAY I HOPE SO, would be so welcome!!)


Some report those chills, are your guardian angels trying to give you a nod. Like if you were talking about a road trip, and feel those, it means GO THERE.  If they happen when people are talking it can also be a truth detector. Like what we are talking about or seeing is TRUE, and valid. LIke, a universal nod.  Some report that when you are thinking of a loved one, who has passed.  Perhaps, someone you lost, and they are gently letting you know, HEY... I AM HERE.. and I still love you. Is this a spirit trying me to get to pick up the line for them?


All these things, would work for me.  I have decided for the next several months to become mindful, and track the who, what , where, and how of the chills. I cannot recall any event, thought or action that might cause these.  Perhaps, my mind is so busy working, I have not paid it proper attention. I am hoping to learn my own personal truth about what they mean.  Will keep this open for now.