Cleansing a space with Palo Santo

I have to say I generally have always cleared my space or environment with Sage. Sage is wonderful, strong and smells so good to me.  You can almost sense the protective nature of it as it burns. 

Recently, I have begun to hear about Palo Santo sticks. Seems they have been used for sometime, but I somehow managed to miss the boat, go figure.

Palo Santo sticks or "Holy Sticks", was used by the Incas, holy people, and  indigenous people of the Andes.  Some people burn them alone or add them right to the sage bundle, as they do not burn quite as easily as sage. Some people use the oil in massage, and healing practices, but I prefer the actual wood sticks.


You can buy them most hip and evolved New Age stores, or even on Amazon. It is important though to get real Palo Santo wood, not just wood soaked in oil. Real wood is from a tree over 90 years of age, that has died and been curing on the ground for few years, before it was harvested.

It is reported that burning them can help with meditation, clear spirits, lift bad energy and purify your space. It is the sibling to sage and cedar it seems to be a silver bullet when you need grounding or feeling emotionally weakened.

Several reported uses: common colds, flu symptoms, stress, asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression, pain management and inflammation. I am always working on raising my vibrational frequency, and many believe this beaut can help. I am willing to give it a try.

The smell is great, like citrus and pine.  Like with most cleansing, you light the sticks, blow them out and let the smoke fill the area.  Always use a fire proof bowl, or Abalone shell( safety first)When doing individual spaces, walk in a counter clockwise manner, and make sure you have your intentions set. What do you want from this cleansing?  It can also be used to cleanse crystals, pendulums and other special objects. 


Finally,  when cleansing yourself, as we all get vibrational ick, by living and interacting with well with LIFE, start at your feet and move slowly up to the crown of your chakra(above your head.. wink). That ought to do it.

Here's to hoping for a raised vibration, good health and a cleansed space.