Finding your tribe.

When you are empathic, psychic, indigo, or any other WOKE ASS entity, you often feel isolated or alone.

Does Anyone ever have these feelings?

Why am I not like them?

Why is this so hard to relate to?

Where do I fit?

Why is this so hard for them/me to understand?


On your path to self discovery, enlightenment, and other worldly exploration, you will often feel alone. Here you are this spiritual being, coming to earth to learn lessons, and you feel alone and definitely isolated. Simple social situations leave you awkward, and just forget crowds. You start to think that there is something wrong with you.

I am here to say, there is nothing wrong with you, and EVERYTHING RIGHT with you makes you feel this way. Because you are WOKE, and connected to the Universe and you know it. You know there is more, you breathe it feel it, live it. Sadly, you are surrounded by many “sleeping souls” who have not made the level up transition or shift so many are having. So, don’t try to wake them, don’t try to get understanding from them, and don’t lose faith.


They have to come to enlightenment and a raised vibration on their own. Perhaps they will in this lifetime, perhaps they won’t. It is not your, mine or anyone else’s job to try and convince them. They are not ready and will not be able to feel or see what is going on.

With this said it is very important to find your “tribe”. Your soul tribe are people who may not have the exact same beliefs as you, more than likely they do not. However, they are the ones that get it. That truly understand what is going on.

How can you tell your tribe? A lot of times it is instantaneous. We go about our way and since we are emitting a higher frequency we naturally attract those who are doing the same. It is not always easy, but when you find these people HOLD on TIGHT. They might be the only ones who will make you feel like you are not losing your ever loving mind, no matter what you believe.

So dear reader, do not fret. There are many of us who fly our “FREAK FLAGS HIGH”. So pull up a chair, pour some coffee and know we are here with you.