CREEPY STORIES ABOUT A TORNADO and LIGHTNING STRIKES... not too far from here. Am I the only one who thinks it is weird to get struck by lightning in a cemetery? How about a tornado (in NY... we don't get tornados) that formed and essentially landed right in the middle of one. Not much damage elsewhere. It is all too strange to me, that is why these pieces are obscura. If you want the actual news articles, I will provide them, just leave me a comment.



11, 2016 05:26 PM

Police say two people were killed after apparently being struck by lightning in Batavia.

On Wednesday afternoon around 3:30 police received a call for two deceased people in the Batavia Cemetery. Police say that during an early morning storm a lightning strike occurred in the area where 34-year-old Richard Garlock and 32-year-old Jenea Macleod were found. 

Batavia police say they don't quite know what to make of this. Detective Eric Hill tells us he has not heard of a case of death due to a lightning strike in recent years. But that's what appears to have happened to the two Batavia residents, in this cemetery overnight Tuesday or Wednesday morning.

The cemetery caretakers discovered the bodies of the two people Wednesday afternoon and called 911.

Hill says the medical examiner ruled the couple was struck by lightning. But Hill says when police discovered the bodies there were no obvious signs of death. Hill says police didn't see any obvious signs of foul play.

"Based on evidence at the scene and some of the things we had seen there, it may have been a lightning strike especially with the severity of the storm that came through," says Detective Eric Hill. "Since we were all pretty much woken up that night from the storm we had had that night. Some did call NOAA and they did determine we had lightning strikes in the Batavia area."

Hill says the case will likely be closed pending the final results of the autopsy. He warns people when there are alerts of bad weather, heed them.- Lynette Adams



FARMINGTON, N.Y.-- The wonder of Mother Nature is leaving those who drive by the South Farmington Cemetery in awe. Trees are completely up-rooted, just feet away flower pots sit untouched.

"It's a mess, but we've made a pretty good dent in it," Sylvia Schrader, a caretaker of South Farmington Cemetery said.

Since Wednesday's tornado, Sylvia and her husband Mark, have been working to restore peace to the cemetery.

"The first time we walked in it was heartbreaking, it's still heartbreaking now," Schrader said.

While cleanup on the ground shows progress, up above there's still a lot of work to be done.

"It's just still a very dangerous situation with tree limbs hanging," Schrader said. "They could come down at any moment."

But the Schrader's have an even bigger problem, insurance isn't footing the bill.

"It covers the chapel, he's not even sure if it will cover the shed or any of the equipment that was in the shed and it doesn't cover wind damage," Schrader said.

Thankfully, a tree removal company is donating their services. A family member has even created this Gofundme page to help out. With graves dating back to 1822, people are coming from near and far to lend a helping hand.

"People are concerned about preserving our history and there's certain sanctity about graveyards," Larry Ricker, of Rochester said.

Ricker came to check on his loved ones laid to rest here.

"Well there's a lot of damage done," Ricker said.

He also offered his churche's missionaries as volunteers to lend a hand.

"We'd like to come and help if there is some way we can be of help, whether it be puling brush out or whatever," Ricker said.

For now, Schrader said volunteers are asked to stay away until this is cleared up.

Right now, she hopes those volunteers can come up with money, not for the cemetery, but for the companies volunteering their time.

"It's just amazing the depths of peoples’ hearts when something like this happens," Schrader said.

The Schrader’s are also asking those who have loved ones buried at the cemetery to not go in and check on sites. They add while some stones have been toppled over, they don’t believe any are broken.-Breanna Fuss


Elevator ritual

I was reading an article about Elisa Lam, Do not ask me why, you click one thing, then another, and another, and finally you are at Elisa Lam. For those of you who do not know about Elisa Lam let me tell you.

Elisa was a seemingly happy, content, successful young lady. She was attending college, and seemed to have a lot going on for herself.

There is rather a great mystery about what happened to her. Ms. Lam checked into a hotel  and, was last seen on camera acting rather strange in the elevator. She was not a known drug user, and appeared to have no known mental health issues.  No one can figure out what she is doing here, and how her body ended up in a water tank on the roof, with a super heavy lid, and a 16 inch opening if you manage to get the lid off.  Also no alarms or cameras caught anything suspicious on the rooftop.The only ways to get to the roof are via a locked door that only employees have access to and a fire escape. The door is equipped with an alarm system that notifies hotel personnel if someone is on the roof.

 Here is the video:


So, I watch I read and do my thing.  I come across countless theories. Drugs, gangs, she knew too much and was murdered, and finally the elevator ritual.  I had never heard of this urban legend, but am placing it here on obscura as that is where it belongs.  Apparently there is a game/ritual people play to try and access another universe by using a sequence of button pushes in an elevator.

I will print out how to do the ritual, but I am not responsible if you end up in a water tank, trapped in another dimension, or some other less than desirable outcome. Participate at your own risk, as some say things followed them home after doing this ritual. (Gets creeped out)


  • 1 principal


  • 1 building, at least 10 stories high, with an elevator. All three of these conditions must be met in order for the game to proceed.


Venturing Out:

  1. Enter your chosen building and get into the elevator on the first floor alone. Do not proceed if anyone else is in the elevator with you.
  2. Press the button for the fourth floor.
  3. When the elevator reaches the fourth floor, do not get out. Instead, remain in the elevator and press the button for the second floor.
  4. When you reach the second floor, remain in the elevator and press the button for the sixth floor.
  5. When you reach the sixth floor, remain in the elevator and press the button for the second floor.
  6. When you reach the second floor, remain in the elevator and press the button for the tenth floor.
  7. When you reach the tenth floor, remain in the elevator and press the button for the fifth floor.
  8. When you reach the fifth floor, a young woman may enter the elevator. Do not look at her; do not speak to her. She is not what she seems.
  9. Press the button for the first floor. If the elevator begins ascending to the tenth floor instead of descending to the first, you may proceed. If the elevator descends to the first floor, exit as soon as the doors open. Do not look back. Do not speak.
  10. If you reach the tenth floor, you may either choose to get off the elevator or to stay on it. If you choose to get off, and if the woman entered the elevator on the fifth floor, she will ask you, “Where are you going?” Do NOT answer her. Do NOT look at her.
  11. You will know whether you have arrived at the Otherworld by one indication, and one indication only: The only person present in it is you.

The Return Trip:

If you chose to stay on the elevator at the tenth floor:

  1. Press the button for the first floor. If it doesn’t work, keep pressing it until it finally does.
  2. When the elevator reaches the first floor, exit as soon as the doors open. Do not look back. Do not speak.

If you choose to exit the elevator at the tenth floor:

  1. You must use the same elevator to return as the one in which you arrived.
  2. When you enter the elevator, press the buttons in the same order you did in steps 2 through 8 of Venturing Out. You should finish at the fifth floor.
  3. When you reach the fifth floor, press the button for the first floor. The elevator will again begin to ascend to the tenth floor. Press any other floor’s button to cancel the ascension. You MUST press the button you use to cancel the ascension BEFORE you reach the tenth floor.
  4. After you reach the first floor, check your surroundings carefully. If anything seems off—even the smallest detail—do NOT exit the elevator. If you detect something wrong, repeat step 2 until your surroundings look as they should. Once you are confident you have returned to your own world, you may safely exit the elevator.

Additional Notes:

  • Should you reach the Otherworld, the floor onto which you will emerge will look almost identical to the one from your own world, save for two things: All the lights will be off, and the only thing you will be able to see from the windows is a red cross in the distance.
  • Some say that electronic devices—mobile phones, cameras, MP3 players, etc.—don’t work in the Otherworld; others say they do.
  • Getting back to your own world may be more difficult than it seems: You may become disoriented and forget which elevator in which you arrived; the elevator may seem to get further and further away from you as you walk towards; and so on. Be vigilant, and keep your wits about you.
  • If at any point during the ritual you faint, pass out, or otherwise lose consciousness, you will likely wake up in your own home. However, be sure to carefully examine your surroundings upon waking—the “home” to which you have been returned may not be the one you left when you first set out to attempt this ritual.

Concerning the Woman on the Fifth Floor:

Do NOT speak to her.

Do NOT look at her.

If you do, she may decide to keep you for her own.

(taken from theghostinthemachine)